30 Rules for Success in life To Make A Beautiful Life: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

 "Follow 30 Rules To Make A Beautiful Life: It's Not as Difficult as You Think."

Motivate Yourself

Self  Motivation is the Best Motivation

1. A maximum of 8 hours of sleep per day on average. Not much time, sleeping well is a big thing. Silent mobile and laptop away to sleep.

2. Write down the good words or thoughts that come to your mind at different moments in your mobile drafts or in a notebook. Usually, beautiful thoughts do not come twice.

Read a motivational book or listen to a lecture for 30 minutes every day. Keep your ego away at this time.

4. If at any time the mind becomes very restless, and nothing can calm it down, walk for 10 minutes and count your steps while walking. You can do another job. That is, take all the thoughts out of your head, completely empty your head and stare at the sky in silence for 10 minutes.

Happy Life

Happy Life

5. Get up every morning and write down what you will do that day in 10 minutes on a piece of paper. Keep the paper with you. Write about doing at least one more task than the day before. Before going to bed at night, check if you have done everything.

6. Try to be stubborn in the work that needs to be done. Only leave after seeing the end of the work.

7. Get rid of the bad habit of thinking that you are essential to your life. It doesn't mean you have to breathe for someone who is breathing healthy without you. It doesn't matter how long you've been with him; The big thing is how much you can delete him from life in the future.

8. Practice reading very fast. Learn how to look at unnecessary parts while reading. Read the required parts again and again. This will reduce your reading time.

9. Look at your current situation. You see, in some respects, by the grace of the Creator, you have survived many dangers or misfortunes and are well. Before going to sleep, say thank you and go to sleep.

10. Different motivational books, biographies of different great men, different religious texts, all these books must be read with faith. If you judge everything in the world by reason, it can be difficult for you to survive on earth. But take what you need from the books.

You can win if you want

Self Motivation

11. Fast at least two days a month. Fasting increases mental strength, teaches to be tolerant and humble.

12. Keep at least one good book in your bag and read whenever you get the chance. You can also keep books in PDF format on your mobile.

13. Help or forgive at least one person every day. This will increase your self-esteem. Respect yourself the most.

14. One day a week, stand on the porch of the house and watch the dawn. This will help to make your thoughts beautiful.

15. Here's a simple tip: Avoid associating with people who don't respect other people. There is nothing to learn from arrogant people.



16. Build a wall around yourself. In that walled room, you give yourself plenty of time to do your own things. This allows you to do more at the same time than others. You can't do your job properly if you give everyone time.

17. Don't go to bed without reading at least 30 pages of a good book every day. Read books to save time while Facebooking. Meet people who read books. The boy or girl who doesn't read books has nothing to do with love. And if he falls in love, teach him to read books.

18. Spend less time with people who are less talented and intelligent than you. But never hurt them. Talking to an intelligent person once is like reading 20 books. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

"Self Motivation is Best Motivation."

19. Do as much work as you can each day.

20. Spend time on your own one day a week with your watch and mobile phone off. On that day, isolate yourself from the rest of the outside world and do what feels good to do but is not done because of busyness.

21. Write down on paper 10 good qualities of a person you respect or like. Then you believe that those qualities are in you and no matter how hard you try, keep practising those qualities. Pretend to be the way he is. Work in the same style as he does. Try this work for 2 weeks, you will see a change in yourself.

22. Make public jokes about your own bad aspects from time to time before others do. This will increase your self-control.

23. Do two things every day that you don't like to do. Don't stop even if you feel annoyed while doing it. For example, start reading a book that you should read but do not want to read. Or call someone who needs to be called but doesn't. Or clean the commode of the house. This will increase your ability to work faster.

24. Mix with as many people as you want to be. You can't lose weight by mixing with people who like to eat.

25. Be silent for 30 minutes once a day. Don't talk to anyone at that time. It is very good if you can close your eyes and reminisce about any old success or happiness. It helps to increase mental strength.

"Self Help Is Best Help."

26. Think often, if you die right now, who else outside your family will cry for you. Think and do what can be done to increase the number of such people.

26. Get up before dawn in the morning. Most people wake up at night and waste time talking. If you can get up before dawn, there will be no one to bother you, you will not get any work other than studying.

26. Don't rush to work. Understand first, what you have to do, what you don't have to do. Then work really hard, not hard.

29. No one in the world is a hero from zero. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Giving time to something you don't care about, or something you don't care about is just a waste of time. What you spend time on will one day distinguish you from others.

30. The relationship between intelligence and achievement is not very good. The more intelligent one is, the more advanced he may be, this may not always be the case. Only 20 per cent of the best-performing students in school-college-university can make it to the list of greats. The remaining 80 per cent comes from those whom no one has ever dreamed of. So fight with yourself even with the last drop of blood.

 "Keep Going."

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